What questions should I ask when buying a used car?

When exploring the vehicles on offer at a used car dealership – such as HewaswaterGarage – you should feel confident about asking questions after any vehicles that catch your eye (if any used car dealer is avoiding answering questions, it may be a sign that you should look elsewhere!).

Once you’ve got the confidence, next you’ll need to actually write down some questions that you’ll want to ask. Of course, it’ll vary massively depending on the circumstances of the vehicle in front of you, but we think that a general guide won’t hurt – you’d be surprised at how many people often forget to ask these!

Don’t be shy about service history

Always ask the dealer to see the car’s service book, complete with dealer stamps. If this isn’t available, try asking for receipts for any work that has been carried out on the car.

It’s also wise to ask about the car’s MOT certificates and mileage at the same time.

Tempted for a test drive?

Any reputable dealer will allow you to take the car of your choice for a test drive. It may bring about any faults with the car that you may not have considered likewise, lets you get a proper feel for the car, and allows you to determine if you’re 100% satisfied with it.

Be picky about the price

Don’t forget to ask if anything extra is included in the price of the car – things such as warranties, MOT, road tax…anything at all that pops into your head.

If you’re still feeling a bit stuck as to what to ask when purchasing a used car, why not try asking friends who have previously done the same, or do a quick internet search for some popular questions that you may not have thought of? Happy shopping!

How to make a used car feel more ‘you’

5Have you ever driven a friend’s car or a rental car and felt like something was a little bit ‘off’?

There are many things you can do to a car to make it feel more like yours, most of them requiring very little effort at all!

  • Get customising- it could be stickers, a steering wheel cover, or a certain kind of air freshener – there are tons of little additions you can purchase to make your new, used car feel more homely.
  • Something smell fishy? You may not notice, but your car most likely has a certain smell to it, which is why getting into someone else’s car can confuse your nose slightly. If you’ve bought a perfectly fine used car for sale, but it still smells off you to, purchase the air freshener that you used in your old car. This also works if the previous owner smoked, had a pet, or wore a certain perfume, bearing in mind that certain scents can still linger slightly even after a good clean.

    However, more unpleasant or more stubborn smells may be an indicator of a hidden fault with the car – such as bacteria or mould in the ventilation system- which is when you should take it to a garage.

  • Colour of choice- you’ve purchased the perfect used car; everything is working correctly, it’s a pleasure to drive, and you’re not too much out of pocket. Great! Just one thing, though; the colour isn’t exactly what you like.

    It may be odd, but the colour of your car does actually influence how much you enjoy driving it. If you don’t like the colour of a used car, you can always take it to a professional to get painted. It will be costly, mind.

If you’re still determined to have your car fully reflect your personality, why not take to the likes of Pinterest to find out more ways to get crafty?

Pamper Your Car at an Auto Spa

car1We sometimes forget our cars are an investment that provide us with transportation and comfort. Too often cars are driven like tanks, covered with road dirt, and filled with fast food wrappers and empty coffee cups. In addition to what we do to our cars, the weather takes its toll with hot sun and sand in desert areas and sleet, snow, and ice in cold climates. There is a wonderful way of restoring your car to the showroom look you fell in love with and protecting your investment for many years.

The Auto Spa Experience

According to Cobblestone Auto Spa, when you take your car to an auto spa, wonderful things happen both to the exterior and interior surfaces. First your car receives an in-depth cleaning. All the dirt and grime that accumulates every day as you drive to and from work, appointments, sporting events, and ferry kids around is removed from your car.


Wheels are thoroughly cleaned and asphalt and grease that has accumulated is removed. Every piece of chrome is polished and sparkles when the light hits it. Your exterior car lights are cleaned and all road debris removed. Washing, washing, and polishing of the car’s surface protects it from the damage that can be caused by blowing sand and other weather conditions. The underbody, that no one sees, is cared for as carefully as every other part of your car. Your engine is also cleaned, which increases its life span.


According to Top Auto Mag, your carpet is vacuumed and mats are cleaned. Leather interiors are given special treatment to keep them soft and conditioned. Fabric upholstery is vacuumed and shampooed to remove all dust, dirt, and stains. Interior panels are polished, windows cleaned, mirrors cleaned and shined, and then fragrance is added to give your car a wonderful freshness. Dirt and dust is also removed from your built-in CD player and other devices.

Auto Glass Repair

Many auto spas also offer glass repair. When they are cleaning your car they notice when there is a chip or crack in your windshield. Having cracks and chips repaired before they enlarge and threaten the integrity of the entire windshield is important. Ask your auto spa about repair if you have noticed any minor damage to your windshield.

A day at the auto spa is the perfect way to restore the original beauty of both the inside and outside of your car.

Nissan car list: a report by Autoportal.com

Ever since the overwhelming success of Maruti Suzuki, a joint-venture between Indian and Japanese firm, in the automobile sector, Japanese cars have been well-received and Nissan, is no exception. They have interesting cars in the market currently.

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Nissan Micra Active

This is a beautiful hatchback offering from Nissan, costing 4.56-5.11 lakhs, for its 3 petrol variants, which give a mileage of 19.49 km/l. It is run on a 1.2 liter petrol motor, displacing 1198 cc, and is attached to a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox. It is very easy to drive, and handling this car in tight corners, is a cinch. Parking in small and congested areas is also easy and all this without compromising on the comfort of the passengers. This car definitely epitomizes a perfect coordination between performance and driving pleasure


Nissan Micra

This is actually the earlier version of the Micra Active, and is often described as a ‘cute’ car, which is probably the reason for its female following. The Micra costs 5.42-7.63 lakhs, for its 5 diesel and 4 petrol variants. The mileage of this car is between 18.44-23.08 km/l, depending upon the fuel and variant. Safety of the passengers is given utmost importance with all variants being provided with airbags and ABS, which proves that the Micra is an out-and-out city car.

Nissan Sunny

This is a smart sedan from Nissan, which is priced between 7.58-10.50 lakhs, for its 3 petrol and 4 diesel variants. Except for 1 petrol variant, the engine of all the others, are mated to 5-speed manual transmission system. The petrol variant is fitted with 1.5 liter, 4-cylinder, 16-valve engine, giving out power and torque of 98-100 bhp and 134 Nm, respectively. The mileage of the petrol Sunny is 16.95-17.97 km/l. The diesel variant is also fitted with 1.5 liter, K9K dCi diesel engine, producing power of 84 bhp and torque of 200 Nm, with the mileage of the diesel variant being higher at 22.71 km/.

Nissan Evalia

This is an MPV from Nissan costing 9.30-12.44 lakhs. It is sold in 7 diesel variants, and gives a mileage of 16- 19.3 km/l, when driven on city roads and highways, from its 1.5 liter, 5-speed manual transmission empowered, dCi diesel engine, which produces power and torque of 85 bhp and 200 Nm, respectively. This is a vehicle, where 7 people can be sated comfortably, as there is ample space in the cabin.

Nissan Terrano

As the name suggests, the Terrano is an SUV, suited for all terrains and has perfect off-road capabilities. The Terrano is priced between 9.99-13.15 lakhs, for its 1 petrol variant giving a mileage of 13.24 km/l, and 6 diesel variants, giving a mileage of 19.01-20.45 km/l. The petrol and diesel variant have only manual transmission gearbox.

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